Auctions are Back for 2020!

Hello and Happy 2020 Everyone!! Gitie’s and Gitie’s Auction is back with the first auction of the year, and boy am I ready as I hope you are too šŸ™‚

Gitie has a lot of new and exciting changes in store for us this year, and I can’t wait to share what’s coming. I can’t let all the cats out of the bag, but some of the changes include new and wonderful estates coming up! Of course this means wonderful new treasures, friendly bidding wars and FUN for us šŸ™‚

This week’s auction will have so much wonderful, new merchandise that the auction team hasn’t had time to upload pictures yet. Gitie stated they may have a FEW pics uploaded later today, but it may be as late as tomorrow, if they have time to upload any. I know everyone loves to look at the preview pictures, including me, but think of the fun and surprise that you’ll get by finding and winning that item you’ve been hunting for! You can click here to see if any pictures have been uploaded to Gitie’s Auction Zip page.

Same as 2019, the Auction House opens at 5:00 P.M. for you to look through the items up for bid; and the bidding starts promptly at 6:00. BTW (by the way), if you’re interested in any of the furniture, bidding for that starts at 7:00; with the auction wrapping up between 7:30 – 8:00. Finally make an evening of it and order a bite to eat from the menu items below.

Be sure to check out and follow Gitie’s and Gitie’s Auction on Facebook for the latest information on auctions as well as all of her locations. If you found this post helpful or interesting, please click “Like”, and subscribe to email notifications to receive notice of new content posted here.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night at the first auction of the year! Until then…

Happy Bidding, Angie

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