Sports Memorabilia, Found Relatives and Carved Birds Among the Items at this Week’s Auction

Hi Fellow Auction Fans! It’s that time again…time for a preview of items to be auctioned off at this week’s Facebook Live auction. As always, Gitie and her team go live on Friday at 6:00 p.m. with the auction beginning around 6:15. You can join the auction by going to Gities and Gitie’s Auctions Facebook page. Or you can go directly to her Facebook page by clicking here.

Some of the items previewed in this post include vintage sports memorabilia, an awesome child’s Western Sheriff play set that include toy revolvers, holster, spurs and of course a sheriff’s badge. Additionally, there are several handcarved birds, a Star Trek card game, and a bag of old photos (I refer to these old photos as Found Relitives). 🙂 Keep scrolling to see pictures of these and other items. Additional items can be viewed by clicking here and here.

If you’ve never participated in any of Gitie’s Facebook auctions and you’re interested in bidding on these, or other items, please read the Terms of Auction below. Also, please consider pre-registering for the Facebook auctions. This is a one-time registration and can be completed by clicking here.

Terms of Auction

  • All items will be invoiced and paid through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to receive and pay invoices).
  • Winning bidders have 24 hours to pay their invoice. NOTE: If you do not pay your invoice within the 24 hours, you will lose your item. If you do not pay your invoice on time, twice, you will no longer be allowed to participate in Gitie’s online auctions.
  • Items may be picked up locally or can be shiped to you. If you chose to have your item(s) shipped, you will charged a shipping fee. Multiple items won and shipped to the same address qualify for a discounted shipping fee.
  • Winning items will be shipped after payment is received.
  • Due to the lag in Facebook Live events, the auctioneer will give a 30 second warning, before declaring lot sold, to ensure they do not miss any bids.
  • Bidding on lots will consist of the following bid structure:
    • $1 to $10 – Bids will be in $1 increments until the lot reaches $20.
    • $20 to $50 – Bids will be in $2 increments until the lot reaches $50
    • $50 and above – Bids will be in $5 increments until item is sold.
    • NOTE: Adjustments of the bid increments will be at the auctioneer’s discretion.
  • To bid, use the comment box to enter the amount of your bid. Important: place a letter in front of your bid amount. You may use any letter, and the dollar sign is not needed. So as an example, if I wanted to bid $8 for an item, I decide to use the first letter of my last name, Self and type S8 in the comments.
  • If you’re no longer interested in the item, please type “Out” in the comments, so auctioneer knows you are no longer bidding on that item.
  • After it appears no more bids are coming in, the auctioneer will announce that bidding for that item is about to close and count down from 5 to 1, declare item “sold” and state the winning bidder.  

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Hope to see you online Friday. Until then Happy Bidding!

Published by Self Images

Hi, Welcome to Self Images, a place where I like to share my crafting interests! My name is Angela Self, although I usually post on blogs as Angie Self. I'm a 58 yr old wife, mother, and grandmother; and a retired Technical Librarian. I've been crafting, in some form, since I was six years old. My dad's mom, who I called Mom Mom, taught me how to hand sew and I've been crafting since! I still sew often, but have picked up several other crafty interests through the years including: heirloom sewing, machine embroidery, spinning yarn, knitting, scrapbooking, card making, and mixed-media art journaling. My personal mantra is "Learn at least one new thing a day". Since I love to learn new things, I'm always adding new craft interests! It's these varied crafty interests that I hope to share with other people through this blog :)

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