This Week’s Walk-About Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Everyone, and welcome to Gitie’s Walk-About Wednesday! This week’s walk-about highlights the current deals and new inventory available in the Boutique Shop and Warehouse. Take a look at the videos below. The Boutique Shop is open daily 10 – 5, and the Warehouse is open on Saturdays only 9 – 12. If you’re interested any of the items you see in the videos, please contact Gitie or her staff at (540) 775-1849 or email


Boutique Shop

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Gities and Gitie’s Auctions Offer Walk-About Wednesday Videos on Facebook

Hi All! Gities and Gitie’s Auction is pleased to announce that they now offer Walk-About Wednesday videos. What are Walk-About Wednesdays you ask, let me explain 🙂

Walk-About Wednesdays are Facebook Live videos where Gitie walks about the Warehouse and Shop to show you new arrivals and current deals at both. As the name indicates, the Walk-About usually takes place on Wednesdays, with the Warehouse held first around early afternoon, and the Shop Walk-About held a bit later.

Below are the video replays of the first Walk-About Wednesday. To ensure you’re notified when Gitie goes live with her Walk-Abouts, go to her Facebook page and sign up for notifications. You can go directly to her Facebook page by clicking here.

Walk-About Wednesday, Warehouse

Walk-About Wednesday, Boutique Shop

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Beautiful Repurposed Items Now Available at Gitie’s Boutique

In a time when most things are made to be disposable, I always enjoy finding things that were saved from the landfill, after they no longer served the purpose in which they were originally intended. I love to see how beauty and purpose can be renewed in old, broken and discarded item; and I’m always inspired by the many ways artists, crafters and craftsmen interpret a discarded items new purpose 😊

New into Gitie’s Boutique are some lovely examples of repurposed antique, treadle sewing machine bases that have been transformed into beautiful tables. These tables would be a perfect addition to any décor and could used for a number of purposes. Take a look below at a couple of examples, then head over to Gitie’s Boutique to see all of these renewed and repurposed beauties.

Until next time, Angie